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McGillwell - Active Booster

The legendary onboard guitar preamplifiers of McGillwell

are available again and are equipped with a new and improved technology.

ACTIVE BOOSTER - the legend in overdrive


is a small pre-amplifier, which is positioned right near the pickups.

It amplifies the signal levels of the pickups resulting in improved control of the follower amplifier.

Therefore, ACTIVE BOOSTER generates enormously strong overdrive sounds.

Standard effect devices do not stand comparison with ACTIVE BOOSTER.

Take the direct way:

guitar --->> ACTIVE BOOSTER --->> tube amp.

To get the best sound, use the low gain-input of your tube amplifier (rhythm-input).

The result will be generally better than with the high gain inputs, and the sound will be fuller.

The overdrive sound is controlled by the volume-potentiometer in the guitar.

Half the way is the volume-gain control of the original pickup sound.

Then the touch peak points of signal will tilt into overdrive.

The last way of the volume poti will only control the sustain level, i.e. the duration of the note.

The price of the ACTIVE BOOSTER is 44 € (German market price).
It is available at all well-sorted music specialist dealers.

If it’s not available in your region, ask us. We will supply you directly.

The price of the ACTIVE BOOSTER is 44 € (German market price),

with well sorted music specialist dealers.

If it´s not available in your region, we supply directly.

You can place your order here - and

first we send you the mailing expenses by e-mail

and wait for your final confirmation.

Of course, you can also call us.

McGillwell - Sound & Engineering

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